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Memorial Hospital at Gulfport Announces New Specialty Pharmacy Program

Posted Date: November 5, 2019

Gulfport, Miss. – Memorial Hospital at Gulfport will begin offering specialty pharmacy services, fall 2019, to enhance care for patients who require complex and expensive medications. Memorial’s Specialty Pharmacy Program is a partnership with Trellis Rx, a technology-enabled specialty pharmacy services provider.

Many patients with chronic conditions require specialty medications to manage their conditions. Because these drugs are often expensive and difficult to manage, patients need additional support to adhere to their therapy regimens.

“Memorial’s Specialty Pharmacy Program makes it possible for our patients to receive comprehensive pharmacy care right here in Gulfport,” said Jennifer Dumal, RN, BSN, MPH, Chief Operating Officer-Clinical/Chief Nursing Officer, Memorial Hospital. “By integrating pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons into our care teams, we can provide truly holistic care to our patients.”

The new program will integrate Gulfport-based pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons directly into the oncology, infectious disease, auto-immune and other specialty clinics. Patients will receive in-person medication education and ongoing support from pharmacists who have advanced clinical training.

Patients will also have access to skilled pharmacy liaisons who manage financial assistance applications, insurance authorizations, medication refills and more, to reduce the burden specialty medications often create for patients and their families.

“Integrating pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons into our care teams will also benefit our providers,” said Brian Clark, Outpatient Pharmacy Director, Memorial Hospital. “Our Specialty Pharmacy Program will reduce the administrative burden specialty medications often create for physicians and their teams, allowing them to spend more time engaging with our patients.”

Memorial’s Specialty Pharmacy Program will begin offering services in November. For more information, please contact Brian Clark at bclark@mhg.com.

About Trellis Rx

Trellis Rx helps health systems change the way patients experience specialty medication therapy. It is the only organization that partners with health systems to eliminate the risk of building or expanding on-site clinic-based specialty pharmacy services for their patients.

Trellis Rx’s clinical care model embeds pharmacists with advanced training and pharmacy liaisons into health systems’ specialty clinics. Its fully integrated, local approach ensures patients with chronic and complex conditions receive the personalized, high-touch pharmacy care required to support adherence to treatment plans and improve clinical outcomes. For more information, please visit trellisrx.com.